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Free will – or completely fooled?

Misleading information – to cause division

Presenting accurate information in a different context, or being entirely one-sided (biased) around an issue, can cause misinformation. Antagonistic foreign powers can use disinformation, misleading information, and propaganda to cause division and break down our trust in one another and in the authorities.

Illusionists Brynolf & Ljung deceive Patrik and Pontus, making them question their reality.

Influencing your decisions

There are a lot of different methods that can be used to create and spread disinformation, misleading information, and propaganda. Multiple methods are often used at the same time to achieve greater impact.

Two common methods of disinformation are:

  • Strategic narratives: The sender creates a story, one that is completely false or only partially true, but which is skewed and taken out of context in order to mislead, polarise, and divide.
  • Targeted disinformation: Information that is tailored to a particular group. The sender then works methodically to reach out specifically to them – and only them – through social media or other channels.

Antagonistic foreign powers can try to manipulate your thoughts, your actions, and the decisions you make. Official and confirmed information makes it easier for people to make sound decisions.

Illusionists Brynolf & Ljung control what Hoda and Adi are going to choose.