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You are a part of Sweden’s psychological defense

Antagonistic foreign powers deliberately spread disinformation, misleading information, and propaganda with the intention to harm Sweden and our national interests. They seek to cause division by influencing what you think, what you do, and your decisions. 

An open debate, differences of opinion, and the right to attempt to convince others are important parts of a functioning democracy. But when foreign antagonistic foreign powers attempt to skew the truth and drive more aggressive rhetoric in the public discourse, it becomes a problem. Ultimately, they aim to deny us the right to choose our path independently. 

The Psychological Defence Agency works to protect our open and democratic society, our freedom of speech, and Sweden’s liberty and independence. The agency is tasked with identifying, analysing, and countering disinformation targeted at Sweden or its national interests. This also includes raising public awareness to improve our collective ability to resist attempts to influence our democracy.

If you are able recognise and deal with disinformation, misleading information, and propaganda, it will make it harder for antagonistic foreign powers to cause division. On this website, we give you the tools to build your personal resilience, which in turn helps Sweden. Don’t be fooled!