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Don’t be fooled

False and deliberately deceptive information can be used to skew the democratic discourse. The goal is to influence political decisions and change what people think.

The Psychological Defense Agency works to protect the open and democratic society in Sweden. On this website you will find some tips and tricks on how to identify false information.

Triggered? Take a deep breath.

There are those who want you to get so triggered that you share stuff without thinking. Strong feelings, like happiness or anger, can cloud your judgement.


Open debates, differences of opinion, and the freedom to try to persuade others, are vital parts of a functioning democratic society.

False and deceptive information exploits weaknesses in our societies to disrupt the public discourse. A foreign power can knowingly interfere in Sweden’s national affairs, with the sole purpose to sow division and distrust between citizens and between the citizens and the state.

Signs to look for if you suspect information to be false or deceptive: it is deliberately misleading, it targets our societal weaknesses, and serves to disrupt the public discourse and weaken our trust in society.